Interior deluxe is suitable for anyone looking to bring the interior of their vehicle back to new or better than new condition. All surfaces are clean and restore to pristine condition. Leather and vinyl surfaces are cleaned and conditioned using premium products.

What's Included

  • Hand wash using two bucket methods over the entire vehicle (i.e. all body, wheels, arches, engine, trunk)

  • All seats are removed and cleaned

  • All interior is cleaned and vacuum including those hard to access area

  • All interior surfaces are detailed including dashboard, steering wheel, seats, door panels, roof lining, head rests, and arm rests

  • All carpets, mats, and trunk compartment are vacuumed and cleaned

  • Leather surfaces are cleaned using leather cleaner and conditioned using leather conditioner

  • Vinyl surfaces are cleaned and conditioned using vinyl conditioner

  • Rubber trim and seals are shampooed, wiped dry then Conditioned to Restore Original Moisture


This service does not include ozone treatment.



Ozone treatment is a process in which an ozone generator is placed inside the vehicle, and with the use of high voltage electricity turns Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3) which eliminates the vehicle’s interior environment. The primary goal of this treatment is to eliminate odor and bacteria. The air conditioning is turn on during the process to neutralise HVAC.


Ozone treatments is recommended after receiving an interior detail. This will ensure the vehicle is completely cleaned before the ozone treatment takes place, which will be optimal since no more contaminants are present during the treatment. Please note that, this service alone does not include any cleaning, and if odor persists after receiving this treatment please consider interior deluxe package.